We are a volunteer run non-profit care home for reptiles and amphibians that can no longer be cared for.  We are registered with the Societies Act of British Columbia and with Canada Revenue Agency. Registration # 854780400RR0001

We are in the founders home and not in a shelter. We will take in reptiles and amphibians that have been abandoned or are stray. We re-home reptiles through careful screening and an adoption contract. Not all applicants will be approved. Please read our policy before emailing us for an application.


We are located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.
We don't ship outside of our Province.


Reptile Rescue, Adoption and Education Society opened its doors in July of 2003 and is based in Richmond, BC. We are a registered non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the rescue of unwanted reptiles and to herpetological education. Reptile Rescue is supported solely through donations and private contributions, and we are run by a small group of volunteers.

It is the objective of Reptile Rescue, Adoption and Education Society to provide a safe and healthy environment for reptiles and to find suitable, permanent adoptive homes for the reptiles in our care. Breeding is prohibited. Ask us why.

Reptiles are NOT easy care pets. This is why they are so frequently surrendered to shelters and released into the wild. Reptile Rescue, Adoption and Education Society is committed to solving this problem through rescue and public education efforts.

Our mission is to take in unwanted, sick, or injured reptiles by request, limited only to our enclosure capacity. Once determined healthy, placement into a suitable home is arranged. We make every effort to ensure that the new home and reptile will be compatible.

We are available for educational presentations to schools, youth organizations, and anyone else who feels they would benefit from this. A minimum donation is required.

We pride ourselves in offering the animals in our care the very best habitats and diets possible. All enclosures are secure. Food items are always fresh, feeding is constantly supervised, and vitamin and mineral supplements are used accordingly. We follow all recommended quarantine protocols.

Veterinary and medical treatments are given when necessary. We only use veterinarians experienced in the care of reptiles. Euthanasia is the last resort and only if the animal will not have any quality of life due to an incurable or untreatable medical condition.

SAFETY is our main concern! Whether in the middle of a classroom, or in the care home, we take every possible measure to maintain safety. Only appropriate equipment is used when transporting animals.

We will accept animals from outside our area, but only if the owner arranges and pays for shipping. The owner is also responsible for obtaining health certificates or permits if required.